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1976 Rickenbacker 3001 Restored/Modified
1967 Fender Coronado vintage bass guitar Candy Apple Red
Pre CBS Fender precision bass body 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964
Vintage 70s Vantage Electric Bass Guitar Matsumoku Japan Solid Maple
Vintage Early 70s Epiphone ET 280 Electric Bass Guitar Japan Excellent And Rare
1967 Hofner semi hollow guitar with tremolo arm and hardshell case
Inventor Strikes Up the Automated Band
Another keystroke and the grand piano stops playing Bach as the guitars strike ... and other instruments to his pianos, making most of them into nickelodeon-style pianos. In 1992 he started building calliopes, band organs, musical popcorn wagons, carousel ...
MESSE 2015: Native Instruments Updates
Mate Galic, (pictured above), CTO of Native Instruments, said, "Integration for us ultimately means to make a technical setup act and feel like a true musical instrument ... THE GENTLEMAN, VINTAGE ORGANS, MONARK, RETRO MACHINES, WEST AFRICA.
Corner Office: Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman/CEO of Gibson Brands, on Surviving Scandal and Setting Up Shop on the Sunset Strip
The guitarist-turned-CEO on reimagining a 118-year-old company, surviving scandal and setting up shop on the Sunset Strip. A conversation with Henry Juszkiewicz, chairman/CEO of Gibson ... guitars. We've been in China almost 10 years selling musical ...
At Elderly Instruments, a 76-stringed mystery
The zither-like instrument he’s calling the “piano harp” is strange by even his standards. This odd contraption bears its name on its 22-inch wide guitar-shaped ... with selling vintage instruments is it’s like having an antique shop – you ...
Petoskey music store celebrates 30 years in business
A few pianos are displayed on the floor, an array of guitars line the walls close to the ceiling and drum sets and cymbals appear ready to play in the window. Sheet music is filed on a wall near the back of the shop ... a variety of instruments as a ...
Gibson EB-O Electric Bass Guitar
Vintage electric Bass Japan Matsumoku
1987 Rickenbacker 4003 Vintage Electric Bass Custom Color Silver w/ohc, 4001
Vintage Greco GOB II 750 Natural Ash/Maple Neck Through Bass Matsumoku 
Penco Vintage short scale bass guitar
Vintage HARMONY BASS GUITAR RARE MODEL no strings, for parts
Teisco Decca Bass Guitar Vintage 1960s Japan Sunburst Excellent!
Gibson Mando Bass "1917" Style J, Very Good Condition !!! Over 100-yrs Old !!!
1960s Vintage Bass Bridge COVER ONLY Kawai Teisco Sorrento Kingston MIJ HoundDog
Aria Bass guitar Japan SB 700 great player
RARE Switch Vibracell 4 String Bass Guitar, Excellent Condition, New HS Case #73
1978 vintage Gibson RD Artist bass W/Case
Greco PB-750N Vintage Bass Guitar MIJ Late 70's Matsumoku Lawsuit Bass
Vintage 60's Custom Kraft "Super Zap" Bass Guitar RARE Valco SUPRO AIRLINE
Pre CBS 1963 Fender Precision Bass, Olympic White Nitro Refinish, '66 Tolex Case
1966 Fender Jazz Bass Olympic White with Original Fender Hardshell Case USA
Vintage 60’s Kay SB2 Electric Bass (short scale)
1999 Danelectro U-3 Bass 34" Scale DC Neck Silver Sparkle + Case ONLY ONE Rare!
1976 Bicentennial Gibson Thunderbird bass with original H.S.C.
Fender Jazz Bass Guitar Vintage 1962 Olympic White Matching Headstock & Tan Case
1955 Fender Precision Bass Refinished Blonde - RARE & VINTAGE - EXCELLENT!!
AMPEG AEB-1 Bass 4 String Bass
1965 Fender Jazz Bass Guitar Black w/ matching headstock 100% original VGC Rare
1952 Fender Precision Bass (FEB0321)
1968 Ampeg ASB-1 "Devil Bass" rare example all original condition !
1973 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass last of the 60's featured bad boys !!
1976 Travis Bean TB2000 BASS, natural finish, original hard case
Vintage 1958 Fender Precision Bass P-Bass Modded EMG Pickups + Boomerang Bridge
Vintage 1962 Fender Pre-CBS Jazz Bass Guitar Original W/OHSC USA
1965 Fender Precision Bass Refinished Dakota Red - RARE & VINTAGE - EXCELLENT!!
Rare Vintage 1963 Epiphone Newport EB-SF Fuzz Electric Bass Guitar USA
Vintage Cherry Red Gibson EB-0 1961 with case
vintage early 1960s Fender Bass zipper case soft case gig bag for Precision Bass
Vintage 1987 Tony Hunt 87 Special Custom Electric Guitar Mosrite Luthier
1965 VINTAGE Fender Jazz Bass Grammy Winner!! FREE SHIPPING!
1968 Gibson EB-3 Cherry Red SG BASS (#GIB0200)
1967 Rickenbacker 4005 Bass Ultra Rare And Near Mint Condition !
1958 Gibson EB-1 eb1 Vintage Bass Guitar
1956 Fender Precision Bass Sunburst Vintage
1968 AMPEG AEB-1 Bass all original killer cool & rare example.
1973 Fender Jazz Bass Olympic White (#FEB0260)
1963 Pre Cbs Fender Bass VI Sherwood Green Metallic ohsc
1960 Gibson EB-O (#GIB0220)
1967 Gibson EB-2D Vintage Semi-Hollowbody Electric Bass Guitar Cherry EB-2
1974 Gibson Ripper Bass Guitar
1967 Gibson EB-3 Bass
Vintage Fender Jazz Bass Vintage 1965 Candy Apple Red restored
Gibson EB-1 Electric Bass Guitar-1969 With Hardshell Case! Etc. Fast Shipment
Vintage Guild M85 II Bass Project
1963 Jazz Bass, Surf Green (FEB0324)
1964 Fender Jazz Bass! Sunburst All-Original! Full PRE-CBS! MAY '64!
1977 Fender Precision Bass
1973 Fender Jazz Bass (#FEB0222)
original 1967 Fender BASS VI Sunburst w/block inlay + binding!!!
1960 Gibson EB-2 (#GIB0218)
80’s Hondo Explorer 4-string Bass Spider Web Van Halen Graphics Original HSC NR
1958 Fender Precision Bass Vintage Pre-CBS Electric Bass Guitar Gold Guard
1968 Epiphone Embassy bass with hard shell case
RARE 1970 Fender Bass V 5-string LAKE PLACID BLUE!!!
Gibson EB-2 4 String Right-Handed Bass Guitar Vintage 1960's
Vintage Original 1978 Fender Precision Bass Guitar Great Player.
1973 Fender Precision (#FEB0265)
1929 Gibson Mando Bass
1964 Fender Jazz Bass Matching Headstock, Olympic White (FEB0326)
Vintage July 1969 Fender Artic White Jazz Bass Neck RARE
Vintage 1973 Fender Jazz Bass 4-String Bass Guitar Natural w/ HSC
1972 Fender Jazz Bass - Three Tone Sunburst - RARE & VINTAGE - EXCELLENT!!
1965 Fender Jazz Bass 3-Tone Sunburst - RARE & VINTAGE - EXCELLENT!!
1966 Vintage Fender Bass V - Led Zeppelin - Motown - Sonic Blue - 5 String -
1967 Baldwin Model 704 Bass (#BAL0002)
1963 Fender Jazz Bass (FEB0319)
1972 fender precision bass
Vintage Electric Bass Guitar Tobacco/Sunburst/Concert Made in Korea J0342
1957 Gibson EB-1 Bass (GIB0224)
Very Rare 1960 Kay K5970J Professional Electric Jazz Bass in Black with Case
1961 Gibson EB-3 Cherry Red, First year of production (#GIB0006)
Vintage 1984 ESP P bass Serial # 00085 Metallic Blue , Ebony Fretboard . RARE
Vintage Original Circa 1974 ARIA Mach I Gibson The Ripper Copy With OHSC
RARE 1963 pre-CBS Fender BASS VI original custom color FIESTA RED!!!
1966 Fender Jazz Bass (#FEB0284)
original 1966 Fender Precision P-Bass LEFT-HANDED!!! Sunburst
1966 Fender Jazz Bass, Sunburst (FEB00323)
1967 Gibson EB-3 Minty (GIB0007)
Fender Jazz Bass 1975 1971 Rare Olympic White Includes Two Necks!
1967 Vintage Fender Bass V - Led Zeppelin - Motown - Sunburst - W/ Case VI
1968 Ampeg ASB-1 "Devil Bass" rare example all original condition !
1959 Fender Precision Bass (FEB0320)
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Native Instruments Battery 4
Battery began life at a time when Native Instruments didn't ... Computer Music, Future Music and Rhythm. All are part of Future PLC, the biggest publisher of music making magazines in the world.
Reward offered to find stolen musical instruments
A South Georgia band was able to perform a concert, Friday night, despite having most of their musical equipment stolen earlier that morning. Area musicians lent the band instruments for Friday's performance, but now the band is offering a reward hoping to ...
Scarcity of bass players hits city’s band scene
Bass seems to be the most overlooked musical instrument. In 2012, music store Reynolds sold 700 electric six-string guitars and nine bass guitars. Robert Xavier, guitar teacher at Reynolds, says: “Electric guitars can make a one-man band. Bass guitars ...
Peavey ships Vypyr VIP amps with variable instrument input
The first to sport a variable instrument input technology that allows them to be used for bass, acoustic or electric guitars, the Vypyr VIP amps are ... or feed in backing tracks from a digital music library to jam along with. The speaker mutes during ...
Melody, bass line and harmony in one instrument
Chord-strung melodies filled the band ... students — enough for two beginning guitar classes. By next year, Ormonde said he plans on having one intermediate/advanced class and one beginning class. “I love classical guitar. It was one of the instruments ...
Fender plucks Tacoma Guitar
After struggling to compete in a red-hot but crowded market, acoustic stringed instrument-maker Tacoma Guitar Co. has been bought by the much larger Fender Musical Instruments Corp. The deal includes the brand names Tacoma, Olympia, Orpheum and Papoose ...